Eveson - The Last Summer Of Love



CD / digital

  1. Dragonfly
  2. Forbidden Touch
  3. Land Of Milk And Honey
  4. Watershed
  5. Time Flows By (ft. Jo-S)
  6. Bluebirds and Powder
  7. The Last Summer Of Love
  8. Things You Say
  9. Retrospections (ft. Sam KDC)
  10. Ode To A Dream

2×12″ vinyl

  1. Dragonfly
  2. Forbidden Touch
  1. Land Of Milk And Honey
  2. Watershed
  1. The Last Summer Of Love
  2. Things You Say
  1. Retrospections (ft. Sam KDC)
  2. Ode To A Dream

12″ vinyl sampler

  1. Bluebirds and Powder (Extended Version)
  2. Time Flows By (ft. Jo-S)


pic-1Originally hailing from Glastonbury, UK and nurtured on a strict diet of mix tapes, raving in fields and doodling in school books, producer, DJ and illustrator Eveson has been making his journey through the deeper spectrum of drum & bass since the mid 2000's. His soulful and groove driven take on the music has been snapped up by the likes of Good Looking, 31 Records and current home V Recordings, whilst his visual artwork has graced the sleeves of Metalheadz, Exit and his own ongoing Art/Music fusion project, Channel 82.

Now based in London and having spent the last two years developing his sound beyond the confines of 170 BPM, Eveson's debut album marks a brave departure in what people have come to expect from both him as an artist and V as a label. The Last Summer Of Love is a mixed tempo affair that fuses his love of soul, blues, jazz, dub, folk and 60s/70s psychedelic rock with early 90s rave and trip hop, downtempo, jungle and contemporary bass music. Put simply, a melting pot of blissed-out melodies, beats, bass and vibes that you can both chill and rave to in equal measure. From the jazz-tinged, dulcet tones of Watershed to the euphoria-inducing bassline workout of Bluebirds And Powder, Eveson invites the listener on a musical voyage through his very own influences.

pic-2Drawing on his background in the visual arts, it's only natural that the presentation of The Last Summer Of Love takes as much precedence as the music itself. Illustrating and designing the entire package from top to bottom and utilising his recent excursion into printmaking, Eveson has not only screen printed each sleeve by hand but produced an additional run of 12x12" limited edition art prints to be included in both the 12" sampler and double LP to create a truly unique and collectable vinyl package.

The Last Summer Of Love is undoubtedly the best work yet from one of V Recording's most exciting producers and just the beginning of a new era of musical and visual exploration by the artist."

Eveson’s DJ Bookings are handled by GRAM Agency. Please contact dave@gramagency.co.uk for any enquiries.

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